Friday, June 27, 2008

The Briny Breeze - - Drink of the Week

Oh my God? Where have I been? This is crazy. It's not that I don't care about you, no, that's not it at all. I've just been so busy. But no Drink of the Week, that was just rude. I will continue to do my best. Sometimes my best just kind of sucks. Sorry. While we are on the subject of Drink of the Week, let me introduce you to the Briny Breeze. I named it after this little town in south Florida. It's a little mobile home park right on the ocean and it is amazing. Especially if you happen to have a polaroid camera with you (which I did). So, without further adieu . . .

The Briny Breeze

5 small pieces of Watermelon (i used a melon baller, because melon ballers are fun)
3 mint leaves
1 oz vodka
A generous splash of Rose's sweetened lime juice
A splash of Cointreau ( I also tried it with a splash of Campari and that was good, too. I just feel like I always use Campari, but Campari is really, really good. Especially in summer.)
club soda or tonic water

Plop your melon balls into a glass along with the mint leaves (i tore mine into pieces - - it feels naughty) and the vodka and then muddle it up. Add all of your splashes and stir. Fill a second glass with ice and then pour your muddled mixture over the ice, top off with club soda or tonic water. Garnish with melon balls, mint and lime - - you could even sugar the rim if you were so inclined. Now drink it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Chamomile Mint Iced Tea

All is not lost. I am still doing a drink of the week. Thanks for sticking by me. I have been so busy with work/photography/creative endeavors that my food adventures have been few and far between. I still intend to provide a Drink of the Week each week and then reinstate twenty bucks once I have a bit more free time. Let's take it easy, shall we? Sit back, relax and enjoy something soothing.

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Lisa and I had lunch at one of my favorite places, Le Pain Quotidien. I was planning on having a glass of wine with lunch (I deserved it!), and then I saw a carafe of chamomile mint iced tea go by and the wine went out the window. Shall we take a break from alcohol this week? Let's. Actually, here's a deal for you. Drink this and let me know if you come up with some sort of alcohol-y twist on it and I will do the same. We can meet back Monday with our results.

No real recipe here. I just steeped a bag of their amazing chamomile tea with some mint leaves and a bit of sugar. After about 5 minutes I poured it over a tall glass of ice that was filled with new, fresh, pretty mint leaves. Then I took a picture of it (you don't have to do that part), and then I gulped it down.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Drink of the Week - - The Peony

Ok, I'm still deciding on a name for last week's Drink of the Week. C'mon you guys. I've had some really good suggestions, but I want to give it (and you) more time. For this week's Drink of the Week, I had the name before I had the drink. I was so inspired by this amazing bunch of peonies that I decided to concoct a drink in their honor (they are my favorite flower. well actually, that's not entirely true. they are in a tie for the title of My Favorite Flower with the ever fragrant gardenia. I wore one in my hair when we got married, although the peony was the first flower Andrew ever gave me - - great. now I'm confused.) This one probably won't get you too drunk, but there are others on the list that will. This is more like a relaxing summer day chatting with the girls while the boys sit inside screaming at the tv while watching the NBA finals type of drink (but don't get me wrong, boys can drink it, too. you may just want to give it another name like "The Widowmaker" or "Testosterone" anything but The Peony.

The Peony

1 6.3oz bottle of Stirrings Bitter Lemon
2 oz Chambord
1 1/2 oz Aperol
1 oz Maraschino Syrup
1 1/2 oz Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice

Stir ingredients, pour over ice and throw in a bunch of lemon and lime slices (cause they're pretty). Oh, and if you can, serve it in a pink glass. This recipe makes 2 if you feel like sharing.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here, You Take It.

You should have this twenty bucks. I don't deserve it. I wonder what you'll buy with it? I can't wait to hear all about it. I will be offering up a Drink of the Week tomorrow (all is not forgotten, plus I think we could all use one). Oh, I just had an idea. You could put your money towards this. Yes, do that. Or do whatever, just let me know how it ends up.