Friday, June 13, 2008

Chamomile Mint Iced Tea

All is not lost. I am still doing a drink of the week. Thanks for sticking by me. I have been so busy with work/photography/creative endeavors that my food adventures have been few and far between. I still intend to provide a Drink of the Week each week and then reinstate twenty bucks once I have a bit more free time. Let's take it easy, shall we? Sit back, relax and enjoy something soothing.

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Lisa and I had lunch at one of my favorite places, Le Pain Quotidien. I was planning on having a glass of wine with lunch (I deserved it!), and then I saw a carafe of chamomile mint iced tea go by and the wine went out the window. Shall we take a break from alcohol this week? Let's. Actually, here's a deal for you. Drink this and let me know if you come up with some sort of alcohol-y twist on it and I will do the same. We can meet back Monday with our results.

No real recipe here. I just steeped a bag of their amazing chamomile tea with some mint leaves and a bit of sugar. After about 5 minutes I poured it over a tall glass of ice that was filled with new, fresh, pretty mint leaves. Then I took a picture of it (you don't have to do that part), and then I gulped it down.


The Fabulous One said...

Well that looks delicious... and I can legally drink it today! I'm swinging by the grocery store on the way home from work for some mint leaves... =]

Tinamarie said...

I am soo glad I stumbled into your blog. The very 1st post I read is about Camomile Mint Tea. The picture looks devine. I must admit I have a tin of that exaxt tea sitting here and I have never made it. But I think I will have to brew a glass today and give it a try. I sell the stuff quite often, but never tried myself. I will be reading this blog every day now for some awesome ideas!


Lobster and swan said...

Looks so refreshing and just my good luck I have fresh mint in the fridge today.

Enjoy your weekend ; )

Jessie Cacciola said...

great drink. i always love visiting your blog to see your dreamy photos. thanks, enjoy the weekend.
- Jessie -

The Fabulous One said...

...I got home and I forgot my mint.

I am very sad right now.

Relyn said...

Yum! Great photo, too. As usual.

Kathy said...

I love this tea!!!!!!!!! (the peony drink below looks so amazing and I must make it this weekend)

Tatiana said...

I'd assume you could substitute some creme de menthe rather than steeping mint :] That stuff is great -- toss it in some hot chocolate during a snowstorm and really relax!

Anonymous said...

At Le Pain Quotidien they always put in a slice of orange, and also squeze in a tiny bit of orange. It really adds to the drink.

Jacinda Davis said...

I've never really thought of icing Chamomile before. I'm basically out of loose chamomile and I just used up all of our mint leaves last night. Now I have two more things to add to my grocery list tonight. It will be the perfect end to my day. Thanks! said...

This sounds great- if only I had a sunny deck to sip it on! No sun, just clouds and I'll save this drink for when summer starts in Seattle - July 5th. Thanks!

rebekka at the sugar bar said...

Looks perfect.

lisatoni said...

sounds like an invitation to some vanilla infused vodka to me.. maybe just a dash - not to over sweeten the freshness... hmmm or some rum. rum is good...!

awalk said...

I enjoy coming here, so I hope you do not stop writing…at least once a week. I enjoy the uplifting of simple events…simple things.

The Fabulous One said...

Jen, love, whatcha doin'? Monday came and went with no suggestions of an alcohol-infused twist on the iced tea, and then Friday came and went with no new drink of the week. Are you okay? <3

Nathan Aaron said...

Hey Jen!

I hope you read this! I just wanted to let you know, WOW, I just found your blog, and it rocks! It's like you're reading my mind! I wanna be a foodie so much, but uh, I never cook a thing. I read Gourmet (until just recently, after over two years; I've sort of given up on it at the moment. Perhaps I can rush out and pick it back up!) and I LOVE the idea of cooking, I own so many cookbooks, I get all giddy over weird food items (I'm SO taking your $20. food thing and doing it! I love that idea!) and then, I uh, never cook. What's up with us?

Well, you inspire me, I love this blog. The quote of you finding an amazing olive bar (HELLO! I know what you mean.) and only buying four olives cause that's all you could afford. I cracked up OUT LOUD. AT work! Cause man, well, it's just awesome! Keep up the great work, and just remember, no matter what, "Follow Through!" (I'm also taking that bit of advice to heart. I'm an artist, and uh, ALSO never draw or paint. What DO I do with my life? I shall never know.) So I've written Follow Through down on a sheet of paper to remind me. Daily. Thanks!

Nathan +
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Deepali said...

This drinks sounds amazing and I'm so happy I can actually drink it because I'm pregnant and can't have alcohol. I can't tell you how much I miss wine! After two weeks in Italy I felt like you did after Paris, in a funk, desperate to go back and savor some Valpolicella and Montepulciano. Although the sight of my own bed did lift my spirits somewhat, I still miss Venice and its been eight months! Please keep the drinks coming and I'll keep drinking!

alice said...

mmmm! sounds good

Morgan said...

I just have to say that drink was delicious! I just found this tonight and had to make it. I have chamomile all the time, but have never iced it before. Now I have a wonderful use for all the mint that is taking over my garden!

Julie said...

I just discovered your blog! This drink looks great. I can't wait to get off work and make it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice blog and pics!

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Anna said...

Chamomile Mint Tea is the very drink to calm an upset tummy. Sipping slowly is the key. Great photo by the way.

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