Sunday, November 30, 2008

thanks, ina!

well the stuffing was a huge success. i used this recipe, and switched out the sausage for pancetta. mostly because i didn't have sausage, but i had pancetta. i was kind of scared, since i usually hate stuffing . . . especially the kind with the huge cubes of bread. i had always kind of lumped it in my mind with things like waldorf salad (yuck) and jello with floaty fruit in it. well, that is no longer the case. i will now lump it my mind with things that are awesome like french fries and nutella on strawberries.


the purcells said...

yum!! i love stuffing and we put apples in ours too. i'm ready for another thanksgiving meal.

Heather said...

mmm stuffing looks delicious! the pic is lovely!

Anonymous said...

love your blog... waiting for christmas recipies ;-)

Urban Explorette said...

I love Ina! I wish I had cable lol. I've never had stuffing with fruit in it although I've heard wonderful things. I'm going to have to try it now! :)

KrissyKat said...

please come back :(

Anna said...

where did you go? it has been so long?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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deep_in_vogue said...

mmmm sounds yummi

Melinda Feucht said...

I love a beautiful mess. Great picture - reminds me much of Molly's (Orangette) style.

Kara said...

Ina saves the day - in my house- over and over again. I love her recipes for their simplicity and basic ingredients.

The thing I've learned from Ina is that salt and pepper are the only things you need, regarding seasoning.

I have to reiterate everyone else who has posted - you've been missed.

Anonymous said...


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