Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Still Here

I didn't abandon you, I promise. I have been sick with the flu. The very flu that I watched attack many friends and loved ones, while I stood by feeling far superior to them. Well, as it turns out, I am not far superior. I am a mere mortal. So I have spent the last several days laid up in bed sustained only by nyquil and the delicious chicken soup that Andrew made me . . . from scratch. I'm also going to pass on Drink of the Week for the moment, unless you are interested in either a delicious salt water gargle made with fleur de sel or a tonic of water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Neither of which are too terribly intoxicating or fun to drink.
Should typing make me dizzy? Well, it is, so I'm going to stop and return to my position on the couch moaning and feeling sorry for myself and my inferior immune system.
Poor me.


nataJane said...

Aw- I'm so sorry you're sick! Get better soon... we miss you :)

Jenna Lee said...

Gatorade! and lots of it. I promise you'll be ship-shape in no time flat.

Molly said...

Oh, me too, me too. We're sick as dogs over here. Been lying on the couch for days. Bleh. Bleeeeh.

Nino the Hypnotist said...

Eat lots of raw garlic. Have Andrew mash raw garlic with kosher salt and then mix it in with softened butter. Eat on toast. Garlic is anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Or, you could do as my elementary teacher recommended: Just open the window and let it flus away!

superluckykitchen said...

please get better soon! i need some waffle recipes!

Kate said...

Get well soon! I check your blogs every day, and enjoy them immensely!

Anonymous said...



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