Friday, February 8, 2008

a lonely place

As of late, our dining room has been a very lonely place. The table is covered with paperwork and junk mail and the floor is invisible. Instead all you can see is shopping bags filled with props from my last few jobs. It’s just not right. I miss sitting down to dinner, tasting a new recipe and making note of every experience so that I can recount it to you.

I’ll be back, dining room. I’ll be back.

PS. I just got this book in the mail. Can't wait to read about half of it and then put it in the pile of books i didn't finish.


Andrea said...

I so have exactly the same thing going on in my's a shame...poor dining tables..

amy dawn rose said...

oh, that is one book you want to read in it's entirety. but, you can read it in dribs and drabs, over several months as i did.

Anonymous said...

my table is in a similar state, and i just bought that book...after reading a few pages (i just picked up in the february section), i think i'll clear the table and make some soup. hope it gets you back to your table too. --laura h.

lottie said...

the kitchen diaries is wonderful - you very well might not put it down!