Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank You

Thank you so much for all of your well wishes.
Bad news.
They aren't working.
I mean come on already, this is ridiculous. I am most definitely on the road to recovery, but it is proving to be a long and bumpy road, and quite desolate. no food adventures, no Drink of the Week, no Plugra, no Ficoco, not even a complaint from Andrew. Although what would he have to complain about? We've been eating the delicious chicken soup he made for the last week, or ordered pizza, and followed it with ice cream (it soothes the throat, you see). And yes, the man who hates soup, namely Andrew, will in fact eat certain soups. Once he gave me the list of "soup requirements," it became quite clear that he hates stews and loves broth. The soup can't have any kind of wet meat or chicken (and i'm pretty sure that any meat you put in soup will, at one time or another, end up wet), it can't have vegetable pieces, and, well actually, I think I was laughing so hard at that point that he just stopped talking. I'll have him finish the list for me, and then I will concoct a soup just for Andrew. Wow, so maybe there is a food adventure in my future. Now I just need to work on a Drink of the Week.


Elements of Style said...

Just think of your upcoming trip to The Parker! :) It's making me feel better! T-minus 4 days until I depart.

Anonymous said...



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