Monday, March 3, 2008

The Lazy Sunday

At about 6:15 Sunday evening I realized, "oh, NO!" I hadn't concocted a drink of the week. I was still feeling quite sick, and my folks had come in town to help celebrate my brother's 30th birthday. I knew, though, that I could not put it off another second. I had to give you a drink of the week and it had to be good. Fortunately for me, I had many test subjects to try the drink, which ended up being ahhhhmazing. Perfect for a lazy Sunday when you need a little pick me up and a little get me drunk.

The Lazy Sunday

Into a glass put equal parts gin and simple sugar (about an ounce of each)
then some hefty splashes of Campari, Cointreau, and Rose's sweetened lime juice.
next add a combination of julienned mint and basil leaves (these will get stuck in your teeth or hang from your lip as you drink. just do your best to get them in your mouth and chew, they taste delicious). top off with club soda, and of course, ice.

The first glass was such a hit that I made a whole pitcher for us to have with dinner. I would call this "whole pitcher" recipe kind of loose. I know I started with equal parts gin and simple sugar, but i definitely played around with the size of the splashes. I invite you to have fun with it. Splash all you like and drink up, cause it's delicious.


carrie said...

yum, that sounds fantastic! might have to be a lazy monday today.

Cheilita said...

holy yum.

ben and/or anne said...

i planted mint in my garden last summer for this very purpose!

(yay, I'm glad you're back and feeling better :)

sandig said...

wow... I love your blog it is so beautiful and inspiring. This image is amazing... oh and it looks like it tastes really good. Thanks for sharing... hope you continue to heal and feel better soon.

Lola Is Beauty said...

sounds delicious, very summery...yum, lazy tuesday morning. Glad you're better...

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