Monday, March 10, 2008

Empty Glasses

"Why are these glasses empty?" you ask. Because I have no Drink of the Week to fill them with. I had a relapse. I'm sick again. Mother Nature is officially rude. I was going to throw something together last night, and then I thought "No, I can't do that to them. I can't just throw something together and pass it off as Drink of the Week." Then I thought, "Why is Drink of the Week on Monday? That's a silly day to offer an alcoholic beverage." I was right. That is a silly day. I am now officially moving ( I can do official stuff, since this is my blog) Drink of the Week to Fridays. The day you and I will most need it. Be back soon. Hopefully I'll be healthy then. Cold remedies welcome.


Nicole said...

Hi Jen! I am sorry you are still sick. What a pain! I don't get sick too too much (currently knocking on my wood desk). But.... since you need a cold remedy and a drink of the week (even though you are moving it to friday). Try making some Lemon Zinger tea and then adding a splash or two of brandy or vodka. When it is really really hot, it feels sooooo good on a sore tired throat and the alcohol helps numb the pain or make you sleep!

Anonymous said...



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Anna said...

Glad you moved Drink Of The Week to Fridays! This way we can try them out on our guests that show up over the weekend. Good thinking!